A Partnership of Purpose

A Partnership of Purpose: Lime Rock Park and Automotive Restorations with Vintage Racing Services

No Name Magazine, Lime Rock Park, 2017

Photos courtesy Lime Rock Park unless otherwise noted

Dawn at Lime Rock Park is magical. A hushed calm and ambient fog blanketing the hills herald the sun announcing the day over the horizon. The mist subdues the impact of the original, almost electric yellow tint of the Automotive Restorations-restored Lamborghini Miura primed for the occasion; a quiet calm prevails. Walkie-talkie chatter breaks the still mornings over the Labor Day weekend Historic Festival as Automotive Restorations and Vintage Racing Services ready for show and track action: “Kent, a trailer is unloading at False Grid,” “Brian and Tony, classes are filling in with cars,” “Brian and Tim reporting—pre-track tech completed.”

The Sunday in the Park Concours is the bailiwick of Director Kent Bain and the Gathering of the Marques is a clever construction of Lime Rock Park’s own Ryan McIntosh. They and the Lime Rock Park staff, assisted by the Automotive Restorations team, administer this ever-increasingly spectacular event. The Concours showcases approximately 250 rare and unique cars from the Brass Era to modern as well as motorcycles and the always interesting and festive “come as you are” Gathering of the Marques lines the track with as many as 1,000 interesting cars grouped by make, country of origin or enthusiast club. Predawn to dusk finds the combined staffs welcoming collectors, guiding drivers to their allocated spots, fielding questions and troubleshooting issues. Class awards are distributed and drive-up trophies are presented under their guidance, culminating yet another memorable Lime Rock Park Sunday in the Park celebration. Bain shares that, “We all are privileged and pleased to have had a key role in the development of Lime Rock’s Sunday in Park.”

Bain has worked with Lime Rock Park’s caretaker Skip Barber and Historic Festival Chairman Murray Smith since 2009 “to make Sunday’s programs as extraordinary as the competition-focused days of the Historic Festival. We have created a nationally prominent event that focuses on the cars that have set performance standards and their road-going brethren. Road truly meets track at our Sunday in the Park exhibit, which is augmented by something for everyone in our Gathering of the Marques display. We have transformed a small, local-level show into something very special for lovers of fine machines.” Nominated by the International Historic Motoring Awards as Motorsports Event of the Year 2016, the Historics weekend is a mainstay on the calendars of automobile enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Three days of historic racing find Vintage Racing Services-maintained and -supported cars on track with their drivers, relishing camaraderie and good-spirited competition. Lola, Porsche, Spitfire and Corvette are among the field in the paddock and on the course, chalking up safe, successful, intelligently competitive and fun miles.

“The Lime Rock Park Sunday in the Park is building a national reputation. We aspire to join our mentors—Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Greenwich, Radnor Hunt and Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance—and are pleased that our Best in Show and Best in Class honors have been bestowed on many vehicles of international award stature,” commented Bain. “Automotive Restorations takes especial pride when our clients’ cars receive recognition by the esteemed judges, including Andrew Benenson’s fully restored 1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet, which garnered a Skip’s Sunday Best trophy at Historic Festival 34.”

Photo by Dow Smith

Automotive Restorations Inc. and Vintage Racing Services, Stratford, Conn., have been committed to the art and craft of collector cars and their enjoyment since their founding by Kent Bain in 1978. Current generation principals Brian Oliver and Tony Christy share that vision. Their staff of over 30 highly skilled and passionate professionals dedicates their expertise to all facets of the automobile hobby for their clients who revel in vintage motoring recreation on country drive outings, rallies, concours and exhibit events and racetrack competitions.

Lime Rock Park is home ground for Automotive Restorations and Vintage Racing Services. They are pleased to collaborate on the Historic Festival and other events and to contribute to the hobby that they so enjoy. Enthusiasts helping enthusiasts is their posture and pleasure.